Resilience Teams SHARE resources and skills, SAVE money, time and energy, and SUPPORT each other through the ordinary and extraordinary challenges of life. Learn how to start, organize, facilitate and develop a Resilience Team with free information offered on this site.

Resilience Teams decide what activities to pursue — from preparing for emergencies, to helping each other grow and preserve food, to learning new skills like cooking, baking, gardening, building, to setting goals a group can work on together such as reducing your own carbon footprint. Along the way, teams have fun while building trust and relationships that help support each other.

Ordinary challenges might include stressful job changes, moving, trying to lose weight, or finding a reliable car mechanic. Extraordinary times might include economic downturns; short-term emergencies such as losing power during an ice storm or water rationing during drought; or longer term emergencies could be job loss, recovering from storm damage, wildfires, or family disruptions (new babies, caring for elderly parents, or death in the family).

Life has always been uncertain, but in an increasingly fragmented and volatile world, community ties that once supported us through family and financial crises have eroded, or in some cases, disappeared. And while people often yearn for community, they aren’t always sure how to go about creating it.

We’ve heard from many in our community that a framework or guide on how to organize a small group of people to celebrate goods times together, and support other during more challenging times, would be useful. And, that’s the intent of what you’ll see and read on on these pages.

With the info on this website, you and your friends, family or colleagues are empowered to grow your own community by organizing a Resilience Team  – a team that will not only support each other through tough times but will be there to make life more fun, fulfilling and secure. Enjoy the journey!

Available now – the Resilience Teams Organizer Kit. Coming soon – the complete Resilience Teams Guide and Resilience Modules.

“Joy shared is twice the joy. Sorrow shared is half the sorrow.” – Swedish proverb

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