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Resilience Teams are a project of Transition OKC, founded in 2009 with the purpose of catalyzing Oklahoma City’s transition to more localized resiliency. TOKC offers a variety of programs, projects and events, collaborates with other organizations, businesses and civic groups, and offers information, resources and connectivity through its website, www.goinglocalokc.com, email newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We are a program of Green Connections, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. For more info about TOKC visit www.goinglocalokc.com. 

We developed the Resilience Teams project by researching a variety of similar programs, including those shown below. We are grateful for the organizations and programs who’ve lead the way in building resilience and for their wisdom, insight, inspiration, courage and innovative thinking.


Resilience Teams emailrteamsinfo@gmail.com

Mailing address for Transition OKC and Resilience Teams

Transition OKC

11813 E Hefner Rd

Jones OK 73049

Transition OKC email | info@goinglocalokc.com