One Team’s Experience

The team worked together to can peaches.

A real-life Resilience Team in Oklahoma City agreed to share their story as an example of what a team can do working together. This team used a three-session process similar to the Resilience Teams Guide (coming soon) with great success in 2010, and then quickly moved on to having fun together.

Since inception, the team has:

  • Helped build each other’s businesses
  • Shared information and research on resilience topics

    Team pear harvest.

  • Offered economic and practical support to individual members
  • Hosted many events designed to build resilience
  • Shared resources and skills among the team

Team members learned new skills and benefited from activities such as:

  • Seed exchanges
  • Beer-brewing demonstration
  • Compost and mulch hauling parties
  • Fruit-picking parties
  • Firewood chopping
  • Sausage making
  • Canning peaches
  • Learning how to use a marine battery for backup power

Additionally, team members have helped each other individually with:

Sharing seeds together.

  • Labor during landscaping and gardening projects
  • Sharing home-grown fruit and vegetables
  • Caring for children
  • Cooking for members who have experienced death in the family
  • Referring business customers to team members
  • Purchasing goods and services from each other
  • Getting healthy by losing weight together

“On occasions, my Team has been a lifesaver. After my husband’s Granny died, they organized meals for us. At the last minute, they have watched my son for me. Not to mention the weight I’ve lost by partnering up with one of my teammates.  My life would be a lot less interesting without the Team.”  – Christine, 36, Oklahoma City